Do you own, or are you leasing a Sanbot?
Would you like the ability to compose your own applications?

We have the solution for you!


Picture of a Sanbot Social Robot waving.


We have created a smart device application called Template Designer, which allows people with no technical or programming experience to create their own applications for the Sanbot social robot. There are a variety of functions you can apply, such as sensor triggers, head, arm or body movements, LED colour changes, speech, emotions, video playback, image display and more.

Preview of Freelance Robotics' Sanbot designer application, named Template Designer

Template Designer comes with a thorough User Guide, containing information and instructions about the different triggers and actions, along with hints and tips about the best way to create a great application.
If you are more comfortable with Freelance Robotics writing the basic programming on your behalf, please get in touch with your specifications.


Contact us now to receive a quotation for Template Designer!


The range of Sanbot social robots include Max, Elf and Nano.


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