Freelance Robotics works with a local plastics part manufacturer to optimise their production solution using Kuka robots. The use of robots in this application has turned this part of the business from a loss-making enterprise to a profit-making enterprise.


Our client, a juice manufacturing company, sought to launch a new product with a distinct package size for international markets. Freelance Robotics adjusted and fine-tuned the robotic arm responsible for stacking pallets to accommodate the new package and pallet dimensions. During this process, we also discovered additional code-related issues and addressed them to enhance the overall efficiency of the plant.


The bakery requested assistance in addressing issues at their automated industrial bakery. While Freelance Robotics was not initially responsible for the machinery’s automation, we conducted an initial site visit and then aided the bakery by rewriting the existing programming. This adjustment ensured the consistent colour of the loaves by utilizing integrated cameras. Additionally, we reprogrammed a robotic arm responsible for transferring loaves from one conveyor to another, resolving calibration issues. During our visit, our staff identified abnormal wear on the robotic arm, investigated the cause, and made the necessary corrections.