How does it work?

We offer a free on site consultation to discuss what you want to achieve. If you want to go further with your automation project, you send us a scope of work or, even better, the technical specifications. A template document is available to help with determining your requirements, contact us if you would like to obtain a copy. Technical specifications cover the following:

  • Description and illustrations of the process to be automated
  • Constraints to be considered
  • Potential future scope of work once this project is successfully completed

From there you can commission Freelance Robotics to develop a feasibility study report, which provides not only an illustrated technical solution that but also a detailed time and cost estimate separated into milestones and return on investment (ROI) calculations. To learn more about these reports please contact us. After reviewing the reports, Freelance Robotics provides a complementary Questions & Answers session to clarify and work with your feedback.

Cash flow does not need to be an issue. If your company is sound, but lacks capital, we can discuss loan arrangements with our financial partners to make the project happen.

If you are satisfied with the work forecast, we enter into a standard contract agreement to perform the work. Now we can start the development phase. We issue regular work updates using GANTT charts and a project tracking software. Formal reports are also issued for each milestone.

Car factory

After the development phase is construction. Note that all the source files and code belong to you and you can request them at any time. Freelance Robotics aims to build as much as we can at our workshop to minimise downtime at your factory. Firstly, in our experience downtime often results in higher costs than the later freight charges. Secondly, our staff are more efficient in our work environment, as they have the necessary equipment and space to build the system. We provide you with both the opportunity to come observe the construction in progress as well as construction reports for each milestone.

After testing at our workshop, we freight the system to your factory, install it into its operational environment and conduct operational testing.

Once Freelance Robotics is sure the system works, we conduct a formal handover of the automated plant and conduct staff training with the User Manual and other documentation we have developed. Job done. We can also assist with regular maintenance to keep your system working in an optimal state for longer.