Freelance Robotics was founded in 2009 by William Pagnon who has two Masters degrees, one in Robotics and Automation from E.S.I.E.A. (France) and one in Mechatronics from U.Q. (Australia).

The idea behind our company is to combine industrial and R&D knowledge to develop faster, more reliable new systems and products to improve the world for tomorrow.

Our engineering skill set covers:

  • Robotics & Automation
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Control & Filtering
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our business specialises in research and development projects, with an emphasis on robotics applications. Freelance Robotics also undertakes contracts in the areas of factory automation (including robot machine integration), and robotics engineering consultancy.
We are locally owned and operated in Redland City.


To innovate the future with smart technology.


  • Love Developing smart technology
  • Being Creative
  • Innovate the Future
  • Make life easier for people
  • Free up time with automation
  • Optimise systems
  • Provide quality work
  • Provide transparency in documentation so others can help in the project
  • Determination to make it work.


  • The Law of Value
    “Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment”
  • The Law of Compensation
    “Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them”
  • The Law of Influence
    “Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first”
  • The Law of Authenticity
    “The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself”
  • The Law of Receptivity
    “The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving”


  • Transparency, Honesty, Efficiency
  • Be Passionate in what you do
  • What we love is to solve problem
  • Any work can learn you something and can be enjoyable
  • The attention to detail is what makes it work
  • Always keep a trace / documentation of what you do
  • Help each other as a team
  • Ask when you don’t know
  • Share your ideas
  • Think outside the box
  • There are no silly questions

Freelance Robotics is a proud member of:


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