Developing a full custom solution is a multi-step process that begins with a feasibility study. This stage
is necessary to identify the advantages of the new machine, working through initial R & D, capturing
the estimated costs and timeframe, and calculating potential return on investment.
Having this report allows you to evaluate cost compared benefit of undertaking the project and making
an informed decision about whether to continue.

As well designing and building custom machines, we can tailor improvements to existing systems. A common example
is building new and more adaptive end effectors for robotic arms. We can tailor, build and install new end effectors
regardless of the robotic arm’s model or manufacturer. In addition to hardware upgrades, it is likely the robot
will need to be partially re-coded to utilise the new end effector. In this case either access to the existing code
or use of a replacement code is required.
Freelance Robotics provides as standard full access to all code developed for your custom machinery.

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