Freelance Robotics has already developed an application for interactive lawn bowls scoring using smart devices known as Shot Keeper – we are now working on a fully automatic scoring system that uses an overhead camera to measure and record the score.

KittyHawk Lawn Bowls Scoring Camera

We developed a lawn bowls scoring system utilising object recognition and an overhead camera which pinpoints the jack, determining the scores of each team according to the colour and location of their bowls. This product is available for purchase via our Products page.


Freelance Robotics undertook the task of designing and developing the windows for a smart home design. This included determining the ideal glass thickness and the space between the two glass panes. It also involved designing and fabricating a frame that adhered to Australian Standards, was suitable for various window sizes, and enabled the removal of air between the glass panes after installation.


Freelance Robotics has designed multiple versions of a pipe survey vehicle to gather high resolution photographs of stormwater infrastructure. The vehicles consist of high definition cameras mounted on waterproof vehicles with caterpillar tracks. They can be controlled in either remote or tethered mode, using an application that also allows on-site completion of engineering reports.


Freelance Robotics developed a road surface profiler, a surface roughness measuring system, for a structural engineering client. The system employs accelerometers mounted on a vehicle chassis, providing substantial enhancements compared to laser-based systems that experience “washout” due to vehicle body movements when navigating corners or speed bumps.