Additionally, we conduct equipment testing and create prototypes using commercial OEM electronics modules that we assemble, cable, and mount in a suitable enclosure.

What is Electronics:

Electronics is the life force of robotics; it enables the flow of energy, transforming one form into another, such as electricity into mechanical motion. However, Information Technology (IT) provides the logic for these commands, and electronics components play a crucial role in storing and facilitating this process.

structure. Common IT storage systems include micro-processors and memory chips. Electronics boards support and link all electronics components. Boards can be linked in series with each other or linked to sensors and motors for feedback and motion within the mechanical body of the machine.

A specific electric input – the desired reaction – is obtained via a transformed electric output.
In summary, electronics can be viewed as the art of manipulating electric signals.

Electronics Methods

Methods Used:

  • High Frequency Radio Modulation / Demodulation
  • Analogue Filtering
  • Power Electronic
  • Sensor Routing and Processing
  • Motor Control
  • PCB Development
  • General Electronics
  • Electronics Menu
Electronics Application

Electronics Application Examples:

  • Small Power Supplies
  • Sensor Boards
  • Motor Boards
  • Control Boards
  • Analog Filter Boards
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Human Interface Device (HID)
  • Communication Interface