Shot Keeper brings lawn bowls into the 21st century with an innovative, patented system developed
by Freelance Robotics for LBDS (Lawn Bowls Data Systems).

Enjoy the game and let technology record the score. Shot Keeper scores each end of a lawn bowls game in a few clicks via a tablet
or a touch screen panel and displays the end score and overall score.


Standard Shot Keeper Features:

  • 32 inch scoreboards at each end of the lawn bowls green
  • 2 x 7 inch tablets that synchronise between host and guest so both teams record the same score
  • Full game setup for most lawn bowls game types and display at the and of the green
  • Waterproof screen IP65 rated
  • Wi-fi server communication
  • Advertisement displayed between scores if desired
  • Drinks order via the tablets allows you to request drinks without stopping play

Optional Shot Keeper Features:

  • Touch screen to change the score directly on the screen
  • Timer
  • Master scoreboard to display up to 6 games at once on a larger screen located either on the green or indoors
  • Measuring the bowls
  • Printed score cards
  • Other customised options can be provided on request