By having a functional and easy-to-use GUI specified for industrial applications, you and your staff will find workflows faster and more efficient, improving productivity and staff job satisfaction. There is a substantial amount of psychology and challenging computer science that goes into making a successful GUI.

Freelance Robotics has the expertise and experience in building effective interfaces for industry. We have built GUIs for various sectors, including the civil engineering field and mining industry, to name a few. We can create incredibly in-depth interfaces or simple ones depending on your requirements. Additionally, we will customize your dashboard to have the look you want and the commands you need.

Industrial Graphic User Interface

Because creating an effective GUI is so important, GUI testing has received a large amount of attention by researchers for years. Many new techniques have been established. A GUI designed and developed by Freelance Robotics will contain up-to-date methods, will be thoroughly tested for its functionality and ease-of-use, and have a well-designed operating dashboard.

We design industrial interfaces for tablets, phone applications and PCs for a vast number of functions, such as machine health and efficiency, machine operation and system connectivity.