Custom Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

Freelance Robotics has years of experience working with and producing Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) for a variety of purposes.



A Printed Circuit Board is basically the brains of any kind of device – robots, stereos, mobile phones, computers; anything that is powered. PCBs have an electronic circuit which is built with conductive materials like copper, allowing electricity to pass through the board easily. There are small electronic components soldered into place on the board which gives the device its functionality. The conductive material in the board powers those functions, also providing connectivity to other functions.

PCB - Printed Circuit Board by Freelance Robotics

Whether you require a PCB for a prototype product, a commercial product or for any other reason, choose Freelance Robotics to create your customised PCB. There is an extensive range of components to choose from and we can do all of the research for you.


For all your Printed Circuit Board requirements, contact us.


PCB multi-colour

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