Data mining is certainly becoming big business in industry. It is an extremely effective way to hone down on certain issues which may be affecting your productivity or cash-flow. If you’re still unsure what data mining is, we recommend reading our technological article “Big Data”.

Smart Factory

Freelance Robotics is able to supply E-Manufacturing services (connectivity via the Internet-of-Things to machinery and systems) which will ultimately be the source of big data for the Data Miner. The Data Miner will then be able to effectively provide organisation and storage of data, historical data analysis, machine and systems monitoring, not to mention the Data Miner will deliver improvement recommendations for your business. By doing all of these actions, you will see any previously hidden issues or faults in your processes or machinery, and therefore can greatly improve all connected areas of your factory. Once improvements have been implemented and the factory is running smoothly, you will see an increase in productivity, less material waste and less machine down-time, to mention a few benefits.

Control Room Data Miner


Systems Improvement Big Data