Blue Dragon Framework

Australian first | Autonomous Welding | 
Designed for welders

This next generation hardware and software interface upgrades machinery to Industry 4.0 advanced manufacturing capability. Get the Blue Dragon FRAMEwork – industrial internet of things (IIOT) layered modular architecture.

  • Machine Vision Upgrade for Industrial Robotic Cells
  • Compatible with Universal Robots, Kuka, ABB
  • Scans parts and automatically saves CAD files
  • Recognises parts, features and associated robotic operations
  • Currently optimised for Welding & Deburring
  • Sanding & Polishing support coming soon
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Why choose Blue Dragon?

  • Flexible – great for small runs, rapid prototyping and variable orders
  • Self Programming – avoid cost, risk and delay relying on 3rd Party robotics programmers
  • Real world tolerances for part variance & deformation – avoids collision with imperfect parts
  • No jigs required – simply place parts on the table
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard – see production and quality statistics in real time
  • Faster batch times + higher utilisation = faster ROI
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