Freelance Robotics specialises in guidance systems and has designed and customised these solutions in items such as automated vehicles. Guidance systems have various applications, for example warehouse automation, factory automation and agricultural automation. These systems can incorporate a variety of sensors indicating position, speed, object detection and more.

An example of a guidance system available on the market is the AutoSteer by Tersus. It has a superior blend of automation and the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). By using this system, you will improve productivity, quality, accuracy and therefore, improve cost efficiency of your operation.

Once calibrated, the AutoSteer will guide the device or vehicle by autopilot, aligning to the set route automatically. The operator is able to view the collaboration of data on an easy to use screen.




Freelance Robotics can supply various guidance systems off the shelf and we can also partially or fully customise and integrate an autopilot system suited to your needs.


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