William Pagnon, founder and CEO of Freelance Robotics, is a recognised expert on the 4th industrial revolution. He delivers talks on this subject in various contexts to help people understand the implications of the 4th industrial revolution for our work and society as a whole.
Here is a video from William’s talk given at the Redland City Chamber of Commerce business breakfast.
This talk puts the 4th industrial revolution in the context of previous revolutions, identifies key technologies that will drive this revolution and describes the potential changes in our work and society.

Smart Factories

Smart factories, where the entire process from product order to delivery is automated, are a feature of the 4th industrial revolution. Far from being concerned about increasing automation, we should embrace it as it delivers better outcomes for both consumers and producers.
In this video, William explains the concepts behind the smart factory and its implementation. He provides examples of the kinds of machines and technology that are available on the market now to fully automate and convert to a smart factory.

Freelance Robotics offers industrial automation services including smart factory design and integration. Find out more about how we can help you to optimise your plant to the benefit of your company, your customers and your staff.

If you are interested in William delivering a talk for you, please get in touch.