Mechanical and programmable arms operate by means of movable joints that rotate and/or have a linear displacement, forming a kinematic chain. They operate like a human arm but without the same risk of injury. Instead of a hand, robotic arms have an end effector. What the end effector does depends on the attached parts and the programming, which makes robotics arms flexible, with many applications across workplaces.

Freelance Robotics can provide most commercially available robotic arms. If you are in the market, we recommend three brands depending on your intended use.

    • An extremely fast picking and packing arm, we recommend the Quattro by Omron. Depending on the model, this arm can take a payload of up to 10kg with a reach of up to 1,600mm.
    • For industrial heavy duty applications, ABB arms have proven to be extremely reliable, easy to work with, top of the line machines. An added bonus is the comprehensive ABB after-sales customer service.
    • Universal Robots offer premium machines for payloads less than 10kg. This cost effective option doesn’t skimp on quality, but does offer considerable savings in safety gear, material, and installation costs.
ABB, Omron and Universal Robot robotic arms are optimised for different applications. Between these three options they effectively cover the range of operations encountered in general factory automation.


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To discuss more about robotic arms in your workplace, including ABB, KUKA, OMRON and Universal Robots options, contact us.

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