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Manufacturing Services
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Viva la Revolution

If you want to take further the advantage of automation and jump into the 4th Industrial Revolution,
here at Freelance Robotics we can design an updated modern factory for you that changes the way
we humans operate in the workforce. Most factory tasks can be automated. From raw material loading,
to the production line, to the automated storage and truck loading of final goods produced there is the possibility for a new kind of worker. They’re a real machine.

It gets even better. Freelance Robotics can also develop intelligent machinery which provides data
– that is real time information on the whole production process. Be aware of what is happening at any stage
of the machine process at any time. Furthermore, particularly in case of error, the system can alert staff right away. Think about how useful it would be to receive an SMS if the factory plant needs attention: in what way and how to resolve the problem sent by the plant itself. Consider the benefits of receiving an email with
an initial diagnostic linked to the right repair service company to repair machinery at the time of the incident.
Your factory can really work for you.

See Smart Factory Design and Integration for more information.