Factory Automation

Freelance Robotics can provide your business with a turnkey solution for standard and custom
production line automation and offers a free on-site consultation.

Robotics is a knowledge based on many engineering fields to develop an interactive system. The main engineering fields related to robotics are: mechanics, electronics, software development, signal processing and artificial intelligence (AI). Robotics science is nowadays known as mechatronics which is the partial or complete combination of the above skills.


Custom Machinery

Freelance Robotics understands that quality research and design is a worthwhile investment for any technology based industry. If you require specialist machinery
to perform a specific task, Freelance Robotics has the skill set to develop custom designed machines which cannot be sourced from the market.

Freelance Robotics will undertake a feasibility study of your business requirements and then produce a project plan and budget to achieve your goals.



Freelance Robotics offers one-off and scheduled maintenance contracts for machinery we have installed.

We can also service existing automated systems installed by other firms.
In this instance we would conduct an initial assessment to check the terms and conditions that would relate to your specific machinery. If you accept these terms and conditions, the maintenance contract would be straight forward.


Automation Consultancy

Freelance Robotics can provide a tailored upgrade of your systems and infrastructure to increase the efficiency of your existing plant. Areas to consider for optimisation include process automation, industrial automation integration, control system design and migration and maintenance scheduling.

Freelance Robotics has highly experienced professionals who can come to your place of business for a free consultation. Following this initial consultation, there are opportunities to engage our services to provide a concept report and technical specifications to optimise your factory process.
Turnkey solutions are available either for specific tasks in the chain or for the whole factory. Why not find out more and move off the problem and onto the solution with Freelance Robotics?


Programming and Control

Freelance Robotics understands that modern industrial machinery often needs a programmable controller to operate
manufacturing elements, such as robotic devices and assembly lines.

A common example of this kind of computing is the programmable logic controller (PLC). This computing element is designed to be flexible and reliable. It is responsive to the input conditions of the machinery, allowing for a range of functions including process fault diagnosis.

Freelance Robotics highly trained staff who are fluent in over 20 coding languages and are able to produce solutions quickly and efficiently in order to make your business more profitable.


Smart Factory Development

Freelance Robotics understands that for businesses to remain a competitive force in the marketplace, factory automation has become a necessary investment. Thankfully return on investment is predicted to be profitable within a few short years of making this type of upgrade.The smart factory is labelled the factory of the future, but in reality, these futuristic systems are largely available and being applied successfully now.

There are a few key factors that define smart factories, the most important of which is automation.
Supporting this automation is the industrial internet, basically software integration of various sensors and other equipment communicating with a central operator to oversee the machines’ functioning, decision making, and output.



We have an extensive portfolio of work from manufacturing to research & development. Our portfolio showcases the broad range of work Freelance Robotics is able to undertake and complete successfully.
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Freelance Robotics is the culmination of owner William Pagnon’s passion for robotics. The idea behind our company is to combine industrial and R&D knowledge to develop faster, more reliable systems and products to improve the world of tomorrow.

We are Brisbane locally owned and operated and specialise in all aspects of complex machine technology – from designing and developing new products to improving manufacturing processes to providing customised retail robots specific to your needs. We have skills across the hardware, software, communication, electronics and mechanics fields that ensure success in all our projects.