There are huge benefits when it comes to storing and accessing applications from a cloud based system online. One such benefit is the back-end processing which is run directly from the cloud, as certain devices may not have enough computing power for the applications you wish to operate.

Instead of installing the same program on all of the various computers you have in your network, cloud based software offers accessibility to data and systems directly stored on the cloud. This then reduces the local space required, while improving the processing speeds.

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The use of installation discs has significantly diminished, as most data and applications are already accessible from the cloud. Some examples of cloud computing you might already be using include Dropbox and the various Google services such as Docs, Gmail, Calendar, etc. Lots of different companies have already chosen to run their business with cloud computing systems, one type referred to as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Another benefit of cloud based software is the constant backing-up of important information. These applications running from the cloud can be designed to automatically save to the cloud every few minutes, meaning power-outages will no longer cause headaches. A different issue commonly encountered is when your computer crashes and simply won’t boot up at all, rendering any data you have stored on your local drive inaccessible. By using software situated on the cloud, this issue is eliminated.

Freelance Robotics has the capability and imagination to design and develop a range of entirely customised, secure cloud based software.

We have developed a number of cloud based applications, one such example is a field data reporting application for an infrastructure engineering company. This application allows you to input data into a tablet whilst on site, also to take site inspection photos with the tablet and obtain map locations. It is also available offline whilst the engineer is on site, if connectivity in the area is problematic. Once online or back at the office, the measurements and other data obtained from the site visit is sent to the cloud’s back-end processor and transformed into specific reports relevant for the user, reports which adhere to the Australian industry standards. These reports can then be downloaded and accessed by users in the company, also kept securely on the cloud for future reference.

This application we developed includes the Graphic User Interface (GUI), the back-end data processing, utilisation of a specific Australian based server, user profiles, security encryption, sketch drawing and many more functions.

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We can develop various different types of cloud based applications, relevant to any industry, specific for your business.

A few examples are:

  • Smart device apps for when you’re on the road
  • Field reporting applications
  • Office databases
  • Smart factory software incorporating big data and data mining
  • Systems for records management

We can also provide you with reports containing research into the most cost effective and suitable servers and devices, to make the most out of your new cloud based software.

There are various different sensors, machinery, robots, actuators and systems we can connect to the programs housed on the cloud, some examples are:

  • Factory automated Cobots (collaborative robotic arms)
  • Fingerprint or swipe card door access
  • Alarms and smoke detectors
  • Social robots
  • Temperature, light, movement and other sensors
  • Health monitoring equipment and many, many more.

The connected items transmit their respective data to the cloud program, where the powerful back-end processor transforms the data into critical alerts if there is a problem, directions for robots, reports, grant access to a certain user (or stop unauthorised persons from entering restricted areas), or anything else you may require.

Freelance Robotics can make your dream software a reality.

Contact us to chat about your cloud based software requirements.
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