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Freelance Robotics develops prototype solutions for research, industry and independents. Our engineering skill set covers

Discover a complete range of engineering services that can be customised to suit your development needs. From a complete robot to a PCB board, a 3D printed model, a CAD design, an extruded / moulded part or a custom software and more we are at your service.

If you want to develop from a concept to a product, need a solution where standard products on the market have no answers to your needs, request to hire research and development (R&D) freelance team for your projects, or simply access consultancy expertise then our mechatronics team can work with you to provide a tailored solution.

Our prototype development expertise allow us to respond precisely to specific requirements in a wide range of applications. We have the capability to set a team of experts adapted to the size of your project. From industrial, domestic or public sector, we can help improve your productivity, efficiency, operational health and safety (OH & S) as well as assisting you with our prototyping capability to launch a new product on the market.

Visit our development approaches page to learn more about how we make your project happen using a methodical development process. We are continuously keeping you updated with your project progresses so you know what has been done and where we are heading to during each phase of the project.

Recruitment Notice:

We are recruiting at the moment for a Mechatronics Engineer. The position is starting from November to January onward.

 The requiered skills are:

  • C / C++, Python
  • Embedded System
  • Database
  • Scripting language such as BASH or PERL
  • Mechanical CAD Drawing
  • PCB CAD Drawing
  • Fluent in Linux System
  • HTML, HTML5, Java Script
  • Being familliar with safety procedure

Additional skills considered:

  • Computer Vision
  • Artificial Inteligence
  • Control System
  • GUI
  • Signal Processing
  • Motor control knowledge
  • Mathematics modelisation of practical physical systems
  • Familiarity with the use of mechanical tools
  • Familiarity with soldering PCB boards
  • Familliarity in the use of project management system such as JIRA, GANTT chart, MediaWiki
  • Knowledge with programing tablet applications for Android or IOS

If you are interested by this position, please submit your Cover Letter and Resume via the contact us page.

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